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pjVINTAGE specializes in mid-century:

  • clothes

  • shoes and boots

  • housewares

  • décor


In addition, Pieter of pjVINTAGE is a mannequin specialist. Mannequins are for sale or for rent. To view, call 204-390-1391 or email pj@pjvintage.com.



Pieter Jongbloed


Growing up in the Netherlands, my dad always said our family was never without the necessities during WW2 because my grandfather would always have a connection or make a trade.  Along with this man who bought and sold anything (from cattle to real estate and pretty much everything in-between), my parents who loved and collected anything old, and an aunt and uncle who bought and sold collectables and antiques, I couldn’t help but be bitten by the “collector” bug at an early age.

My collections evolved naturally and became quite diverse. I started bidding at auctions by the age of 12 which transitioned into selling – a picker was born.

Add into the mix almost 2 decades of retail visual merchandising and window dressing and voila, you get pjVINTAGE.  

I collect and sell, or “trade up” as we call it, and  have amassed a whole lot of mannequins and related visual materials that I rent and sell.

Vintage clothing was a later addition that emerged when I began to sell mannequins online as they would need to be shown dressed for selling purposes and while male mannequins were easy to dress with items on hand, the ladies and children proved more challenging.

Mannequins themselves required a whole new set of knowledge, covering everything from history to repair.  
The historians among the collectors are very willing to share their knowledge and I in turn am happy to educate too.

There are many of us collectors out there and all seem to have favourite brands and styles.  
Weird mannequin poses, faces and hard to dress styles are the rarest as they were usually used less in retail environments and the first to be discarded.  


  • Vintage mannequin collector, restorer and historian 

  • Over 18 years experience with foremost retail stores

  • University study in colour, sculpture, drawing and art history

  • Training in architectural design including drafting

  • Passionate about fashion and design

  • Extensive knowledge of mannequins

  • Organized and quick worker

  • Punctual and dedicated


1991 – 1995
University of Manitoba, School of Fine Arts

1990 – 1991
Diploma: Architectural Drafting, Red River College


  • Winner: Staube Cookware: Best Holiday Window Display 2010

  • Winner: Trudeau Corporation: Best Holiday Window Display 2007 and 2008

  • Winner: Best National in Store Set-up: Steve Madden, 1998

  • Winner: Downtown Biz “Seasonal Spirit Windows” 1997 and 1998

  • Winner: Best set-up Clinique Cosmetics Promotion, 1996


2015 - present

Costumer in Film

Projects: also see IMDb

  • A Dog’s Journey (seamster)

  • Grudge (assistant costume designer)

  • Christmas Connection - Hallmark (assistant costume designer)

  • Jeremiah Terminator LeRoy (costume assistant)

  • Siberia (assistant costume designer)

  • Cult of Chucky (assistant costume designer)

  • Journey Back To Christmas - Hallmark (assistant costume designer)

  • Incident in a Ghostland (buyer)

  • Washed Away (set supervisor)

  • Sordid Wedding (assistant costume designer)

  • Midnight Man (costume trainee)

  • A Dog’s Purpose (costume trainee)


Anthropologie – New store set-up

2013 – 2014

Regional Visual Specialist Ricki’s Canada Manitoba/NW Ontario

  • Oversee in-store visual for Manitoba/NW Ontario region

  • Plan and implement monthly merchandise rotation

  • Train in-store merchandise specialists and management

  • Support Ricki’s Home Office Visual team

  • Setup Ricki’s monthly concept store

2010 – 2013

National Visual Coordinator, Ricki’s Canada Home Office

  • Plan monthly merchandise rotation

  • Initial concept store setup

  • Communicate visual direction for 155 stores

  • New store setups and renovations

2004 – 2010

Display Stylist, Le Chateau Canada, Mid-west Region

  • Communicate with Corporate Marketing and Visual

  • Collaborate Corporate directions with store management

  • Design and set-up window displays

  • Arrange interactive mannequin placement

  • Plan and design seasonal decor prop

  • Reset renovated stores

  • Develop balanced store lighting schemes

2000 – 2004

Visual Merchandiser, Laura Shoppes Canada, Winnipeg Region

  • Window design and set-up

  • Merchandise moves

  • Store set-up

  • Merchandising Seminar Trainer

  • Training new hires, Edmonton, Alberta

1999 – 2000    

Visual Merchandiser, The Bay, Winnipeg Downtown

  • Men’s wear

  • Window design and set-up

  • Floor displays

  • Merchandise moves

  • Prop design and manufacture

  • Seasonal decor and set-up

  • Mannequin maintenance and repair

1996 – 1999

Visual Merchandiser, Eaton’s, Winnipeg Downtown

  • Women’s, Men’s and Children’s wear and Hard Goods

  • Window design and set-up

  • Floor displays

  • Department moves

  • Prop design and manufacture

  • Seasonal decor and set-up

  • Mannequin maintenance and repair


  • Costume coordinator for Rainbow Harmony Project, community choir

  • Past President, SOMS, fundraising organization